"I highly recommend that anyone who has not yet read "The World is My Ocean"
rush out and grab a copy right now. This Book just has to be read to be believed.
This book tells of life as a seaman right up to a worthy Captain .
One of the best reads I have had in years.
All congratulations to the Author,John Briggs. Well done John."
The Cadet Ship
MV Chindwara
The cadetship where I learned the art of seamanship.
MV Chindwara
"I have to say your book certainly brings memories back in floods. A good read, with NO holds barred which is certainly refreshing. Worth every cent. Congratulations."
MV Bamora
My favourite ship as Second Mate
MV Atlas Nivigator
A quiet time in Jeddah during Ramadan
MV Sydney Breeze
Probably my favourite ship as Master
"John, just finished the book. Once I started, couldn't put it down. A wonderful read."
Life after the sea
My second book. telling of life after the sea
This is my second book which follows my career after leaving the sea.

The book is a narrative, similar to "The World is my Ocean" and maintains the same honesty displayed in the first volume.

To see more detail regarding this book just click on the "Home is the Sailor" menu item.

The book is for sale at AU$19.50
​The story of a life at sea

I went to sea at the age of 16, joining a British training ship.
The very fast growing up and maturing that was part of the life on the training ship took me to many parts of the world. forays ashore in the Middle East and Africa, visits to jungle ports many miles up river in Africa to barren desert ports in the Red Sea, the discipline and training regime on board, qualifying as a fully fledged seaman and the general excitement and escapades of a lad growing up at sea. On completion of my training which took over three years I emerged asa fully qualified seaman. Then came the studies for an officers certificateof competency which would allow me to join a ship as a junior officer.
I then spent the next few years on various cargo liners and a
historic five star passenger ship.

After gaining further qualifications I decided to broaden my
horizons and joined a tramping company in Hong Kong to see what adventures may come my way sailing the South China Seas.
Little did I realise how exciting it would be as I made my way towards command. When I eventually was appointed Captain of a small cargo ship the adventures started in earnest.

My book goes into detail regarding life at sea during the 1950's 
and 60's, arguably the golden years of British shipping. 

The story continues in my second book "Home is the Sailor".
Full details of this book can be found on the "Home is the Sailor" page.
Basically it tells of my settling in Japan, emigrating to Australia, various jobs in the Sydney Ports Authority up to Harbour Master Sydney.
During this time I got back to sea as Master on a couple of square riggers.
After Harbour Master I joined the Australain Maritime Safety Authority and ended up in charge of pilotage in the Great Barrier Reef, setting standards and issuing qualifications to all Australian seafarers and setting operational standards on all Australian registered ships. I also represented Australia at the International Maritime Organization  (a United Nations body
in London) and carried out numerous international duties. 

RMS Kampala in Bombay
Another unsolicited posting from a member of the 'Ships Nostalgia' web site.
"I have had the honour and privilege of reading the draft manuscript of John's book and I have to say it is one of the most poignant yet extremely humorous and interesting stories of a life and career at sea I have ever read. 

I can honestly and sincerely recommend everyone at SN to obtain a copy, you won't be disappointed. Those of you who were/are seafarers will see much they recognise. For the rest of us it provides a taste of just what it's like to "go down to the sea in ships" 

Excellent work JB, you should be rightly proud of yourself." 

Tom McCluskie MBE Author of, 'No Place for a Boy', A Life at Harland & Wolff. Tempus Publishing Limited.  An acknowledged "Titanic" expert who has written numerous books on the "Titanic" and her two sister ships.
Great days as Master in the South Seas
British brigantine "Eye of the Wind"
β€œIt is a great and very interesting read about a great bloke. 
An exciting time not only your time at sea but in the development 
of the maritime world and the world post WW II. 
A time and life that will never be repeated.β€œ
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